Melting Snowman

Mr. Frost melting snowman white putty kit

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Melt Without the Mess

Mr. Frost melting snowman white putty kit

  • What: Melting Snowman
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Entertaining, affordable, reusable
  • Where: Amazon

Would you like a little pick me up for your kids? Want to play in the snow, but not get cold and wet? Try a little snow in the comfort of your own home with this melting snowman called Mr. Frost.

Let It Melt! Snowman on Amazon

This little box comes with a pile of white putty. It holds its shape, for a few minutes. Then, much like real snow, it begins to ooze. The box comes with everything you need to deck your snowman in style, including a hat, carrot for a nose, scarf, eyes, and sticks for arms.

Mr. Frost Melting Snowman kit includes side of box photo
The kit comes with everything you need stored in a reusable container.

Build him yourself, or have your kids craft their own snowman creation. Check back in after a few minutes to see what’s happened, and prepare them for the day when their real snowman collapses. Even better, this snowman can be built over and over again (at least until someone drops him in a pile of pet fuzz or the dog discovers a snack) as you can reshape him and watch him melt time and time again.

Mr. Frost melting snowman white putty pieces
Despite three kids and multiple years, we still have everything but one eye.

For extra fun, you can squish the putty into other shapes. Much like a stress ball, it can be fun to manipulate it as a distraction or to relieve fingers stiff from too much typing. Not into snowmen? You can get lots of other items, too, like unicorns, witches, dinosaurs, and Christmas trees, just to name a few.

Mr Frost melting snowman assembled and partially melted
Our partially melted snowman.

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