Kid Mittens

Keep Your Kids’ Paws WarmArctic Paws Kids Mittens knit sherpa lined bright colors and patterns blue, yellow, green, pink stripes

  • What: Arctic Paw Sherpa Lined Knit Mittens
  • When: Ages two to eight
  • Why: Warm, cute, inexpensive
  • Where: Amazon

Tired of chasing down missing mittens? Those suckers disappear almost as fast as baby socks. While I’ve been known to put on two mismatched mittens after failing to find their partners, Now I stock up on these winter basics.

Arctic Paws 3 Pairs Kids’ Sherpa Lined Knit Mittens on Amazon

I love this pack of six. Not only does the fuzzy inside encourage my kid to wear them when the weather gets cold, but if we lose one, I can easily pair it with another one from the same pack and it looks intentional (unlike my random leftovers pairings). The wrist stays snug, and over two years of use, they have held up remarkably well for the price point.

The striped styles fit sizes 6 to 8 years, while other styles, like waffle knit, fair isles, and solid colors, fit sizes 2T to 5T. You can find a range of colors and patterns. We got a pack of last winter, and not only did five make it to this year, but the extra length in the wrist means my kids can wear them an extra season or two.

Arctic Paws Kid Mittens soft fleece interior lining colors patterns six pack

The same pair with the wrists rolled down instead of folded up means these mittens last even longer.

These mittens have zero waterproofing, so I wouldn’t recommend them for winter sports, but for keeping hands warm outdoors during cold temperatures, they more than do the job. And the price can’t be beat.

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