Rainbow Bath Bomb

Bella Grace Bath Rainbow Bath Fizzy releasing color in tub

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Kaleidoscope of Bath Colors

Bella Grace Bath Rainbow Bath Fizzy releasing color in tub
  • What: Rainbow Bath Fizzy
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Make bath time fantastic
  • Where: BellaGraceBath.com

Want to thrill your rainbow-loving child? Or maybe you need an extra incentive to coax your water resistant child into the tub. In any case, give this rainbow bath bomb a try.

Bella Grace Bath Rainbow Bath Fizzy bomb white cloud on shredded blue paper packaging
The Rainbow Bath Fizzy from Bella Grace Bath Company comes packaged on a cushion of blue sky shredded paper. 

The white cloud melts in water, releasing a rainbow of colors. Each color comes out of the bottom of the cloud, making an actual rainbow on the surface of the water. While you could use this bomb in the sink, you really need a tub or small wading pool to get the full effect. It takes about five minutes for the entire color to come out, so it can definitely buy you some time, assuming you can resist watching for yourself.

Bella Grace Bath Company rainbow bath fizzy starts to show color in bath water
The cloud starts showing some color.

It makes a great gift for almost any kid, especially paired with a container of bath colors. My daughter currently lists her favorite color as rainbow, but both my boys loved watching this bath bomb as well. It also comes with a pleasant scent, and while neither the color nor fragrance upset any of my kids’ sensitive skin, I can’t guarantee it won’t bother anyone else.

Bella Grace Bath Company Rainbow Bath Fizzy in tub water with child
We all piled into the bathroom to watch the color show.

The bomb propels itself as the colors release, so it works best with calm kids. Surprisingly enough, even with two kids in the tub, my active eight and six year old managed to remain still and get the full effect. The colors don’t stain the tub or your child, so you get the full spectrum without any unpleasant side effects.

Bella Grace Bath Company rainbow bath fizzy colors in bath water
The colors lasted much longer than expected in the bath water, but didn’t leave my kids or tub discolored.

Of course, once all the colors come out, and the cloud melts away, you have a tub of grey water. But in the meantime, before the storm shade of all that mixed colors appears, kids and adults alike can enjoy watching the colors emerge in this favorite pattern.

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