Columbia Kids Puffer Jackets

Warmth Without the BulkColumbia Kids Powder Lite Puffer jacket size xs white with purple trime

  • What: Columbia Kids Powder Light Puffer Jackets
  • When: Two to 14 years
  • Why: Lightweight, packable, water resistant, durable
  • Where: Columbia or Amazon

Does your kid need a good winter jacket? Maybe you’d like one that would last more than one season. If so, pick up a Columbia Kids Powder Lite Puffer Jacket. Used or new, you won’t be disappointed.

We got our first two Columbia kids’ jackets as a gift, and I couldn’t be happier with them. My son wore his for three years before he finally outgrew it. While the bright blue has some darker stains around the cuffs, my younger kids can easily wear it again and again, even though my son wore it every day for months on end. It looks and functions almost like brand new.

Boys blue and girls white and purple Columbia Powder Lite puffer jackets on kids eating popcorn outside

My kids wearing their Columbia Powder Lite kids’ jacket gifts at the pumpkin farm.

These jackets come with a hood and two outer pockets big enough to keep mittens safely stowed when not in use. The zippers hold up to yanks and tugs by my non-too gentle kids, both for zipping and unzipping. We have yet to have a zipper fail, even in the wet or below freezing temperatures.

Columbia Kids Powder Lite girls puffer jacket white with purple trim hood front pockets

I wouldn’t buy white, but even this color has held up surprisingly well.

These jackets weigh next to nothing, yet keep kids toasty. They fit easily underneath a rain jacket for seriously inclement weather, but have enough water resistance to go without another layer for lighter weather conditions. You can also add a fleece, like my favorite Patagonia styles, LINK underneath to bulk up for serious outdoor outings in snow and other below freezing temperatures. These jackets come in a variety of colors in boys, girls, and toddler sizes ranging from 2T to kids XL (size 18-20) and have a roomy fit.

Girl child wearing white Columbia kids powder lite puffer jacket over easter fancy dress floral on white bakground with pink winter hat

These jackets have a roomy fit and offer lots of warmth without the extra bulk.

Best of all, this layer can be safely worn in a car seat. Instead of having to remove their jackets in the car and put them back on again when you arrive five minutes later, these compressible jackets don’t interfere with five point harnesses like some bulkier winter layers. Even better, the compression and light weight make them great for traveling, as they pack down quite compactly.

The high price point originally turned me off, but you can find good deals (on now!) at the end of the winter season at Columbia, at their outlet stores, and online retailers. Even at full price, your kids will get every penny out of these sturdy, lightweight yet warm hooded jackets.

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