Driven Pocket Series Set

Drive Into FunDriven Pocket Series trucks vehicles toy Construction bridges set assembled on wood floor

  • What: Driven Pocket Series Toy Construction Trucks and Bridges Set
  • When: Three years and up
  • Why: Complete set, super affordable, compact size
  • Where: Amazon or Target

I still love Driven’s Pocket series of vehicles. Luckily, so does my vehicle obsessed child. You can score the tiny garages filled with random trucks for about $2 and build up a collection. Or you can hedge your bets. For $10, you can get this Driven Pocket Series Toy Construction Trucks and Bridge Playset and really up your kid’s tiny truck game.

This set includes six vehicles – a dump truck, cement mixer, crane, bulldozer, steam roller, and front loader.. While you can get some of those vehicles in the blind boxes, you never know what you’ll get. And for the bargain basement price, the set has even more value, since it includes 42 road pieces.

Pieces from Driven pocket series toy construction bridges and trucks play set with connecting road pieces road signs and tiny vehicles

You get six construction vehicles plus all these road pieces and signs.

Six of those parts combine to create a bridge you can only get in this set, yet the entire package will still easily fit in a quart size plastic bag for storage or easy transportation for entertainment on the go. It also includes nine road signs to complete the scene, and multiple of the tiny spacing and orientation bits to make most layouts work.

Layout B from Driven Pocket series toy construction bridges and trucks tiny play set

The instructions include three different layouts, though you can make many more.

This set works best on hard surfaces, and like all the tiny truck brands, the road pieces can be tricky to connect sometimes. I find flipping the piece over or trying a new piece the best bet when that happens, but for the price point, I hardly notice the extra effort. If you have a kid who loves these tiny trucks, or even someone who likes building sets, you can’t go wrong with this construction collection.

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