Kids’ Snow Boots

Kids snow boots CG pink Velcro boots with fake pale pink fur trim at top in airport next to Jetkids BedBox

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Bet on Snow Boots

Kids snow boots CG pink Velcro boots with fake pale pink fur trim at top in airport next to Jetkids BedBox

  • What: Kids’ Snow Boots
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Keep feet toasty without spending too much
  • Where: Amazon, Target, or secondhand stores

We don’t wear snow boots that often, since our winter weather stays temperate compared to other locales. But my kids take skiing lessons, and we have a trip or two each year where the weather goes well below freezing. For those occasions, we use snow boots from Amazon.

Two pairs of pink kids snow boots lined up on hardwood floor CG Kids and Champion Thermalite with Velcro
I am not particular about the brand of snow boots we get.

I can buy snow boots on Amazon at this time of year with confidence, knowing they will fit my kids during the actual snow season. As an added bonus, lots of people have just discovered their kids no longer fit into their snow boots, and secondhand stores have a bigger supply. Even better, you can score brand new pairs on sale.

Child in snow clothes and boots walking through snow to playground
Snow boots also provide extra traction on slippery winter surfaces.

We’ve had several different brands, including Columbia, CG, Champion, and now Cat & Jack. Full disclosure: this winter is the first year I’ve bought a brand new pair of kids’ snow boots. We’ve gotten every previous pair courtesy of hand me downs or at a secondhand store. But I needed a second pair in an identical size when my third kid caught up in size to my second one, and they both needed a sturdy pair of warm winter boots for an upcoming trip.

Champion girls pink snow boots pale pink fur trim Velcro closure preschooler riding in stroller
Snow boots keep little feet warm walking or riding.

Target currently has some on sale, though the limited selection remaining depends on the store. I prefer the kind that comes with Velcro. Zippers get stuck or frozen in the cold, while Velcro works just fine. It occasionally sticks when you don’t want it to, but on the plus side, you can attach them to each other in the offseason to keep up with them. I also find my kids can handle the larger Velcro straps with mittens on, while zippers require someone to remove a glove or mitten to operate.

Velcro closure on kids pink snow boots Champion Thermolite
I find Velcro easier for mittened hands to handle.

I also find a loop in the back to help get little feet with thick warm socks into the boots easier. A loop big enough for big or little fingers works best, especially if you need to get more than one kid ready for a snow adventure at a time. If you have to travel to get to snow, consider having your kids wear their snow boots en route. It will save you some serious space and weight in your suitcase.

Three kids with rolling backpack suitcases wearing snow boots for travel
We wore our snow boots to lighten our load traveling.

If we don’t happen to have them in the right size, I use my kids’ rain boots paired with some quality winter socks and snow pants.

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