Halti Headcollar for Dogs

Train Without PainChihuahua Dachshund mix small dog breed wearing black Halti head collar size 0 zero

  • What: HALTI Headcollar Training Tool for Dogs
  • When: Training dogs
  • Why: Stop pulling, affordable, durable
  • Where: Amazon

Okay, I know this item doesn’t relate to parenting kids. But parents have pets, too. If you, like me, have a particularly strong willed dog, check out the HALTI Headcollar to make your life easier, simpler, and much more pleasant.

I worked with our tiny ten pound rescue dog for more than a year, trying to get her to stop pulling on the leash. She pulled enough that sometimes I had trouble handling her. My kids, who love to help take care of her, could barely manage her strength. Think a piece of popcorn attached on the end of a string, and you’ve got a great mental image of our Chihuahua mix when she sees another dog, a squirrel, a person, a bird, or anything else that sparks her interest on walks.

Halti Head Collar training guide and instructions

The headcollar comes with a booklet of instructions and training tips.

After months of struggling with training, I finally remembered the existence of the HALTI Headcollar. I added it to my wish list, but when it didn’t appear in my stocking, I splurged the $9 and bought it myself. I wish I had done it months ago. My mom brain didn’t even think of this collar for such a small dog, even though I learned about these years ago when dog sitting for a much bigger dog that used one, and recommended it to others since. But when it came to my own dog, I didn’t give myself the benefit until now.

Chihuahua dog wearing extra small Halti headcollar in black outside on grass

Our dog sporting her new HALTI headcollar, which works so well I’m kicking myself for not buying one sooner.

Our dog hates the head collar. But it works like magic without harming her one bit. I’ve spent months training her not to pull and this thing accomplishes in one day what I couldn’t in over a year. At first I refrained from using it, because the neck piece needed tighter adjustment. But once I gave up on getting the sewing machine out and added a safety pin instead, it works like a dream. I also didn’t follow the instructions of starting in small increments at home. Instead, after trying it on and getting it fitted properly, I went for it. Our dog likes walks so much, I figured that would build the positive association. After only a couple days, she doesn’t resist putting it on.

Halti headcollar instructions and tips inside included booklet

The booklet has clear instructions and helpful hints for success.

She will still try and remove it at any opportunity, though I think that keeps her occupied and distracted from going bonkers anytime she sees something on our walks. But the difference is nothing short of amazing. She doesn’t pull at all anymore, and if she does, she immediately corrects herself without me needing to issue a single command. This headcollar takes a bit of deciphering to use properly, but once you get it, it works like a charm.

As a mom to three young kids with no shortage of pets and a huge shortage of time and energy, this head collar has made the difference between struggling with another recalcitrant member of the household and enjoying our daily outings. I can’t recommend it enough.

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