Crazy Eights Card Game

eeBoo Crazy Eights card game for kids box

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Fast Paced Number Fun

eeBoo Crazy Eights card game for kids box

  • What: eeBoo Crazy Eights Card Game for kids
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Fast, fun, affordable, compact
  • Where: Amazon

My eight year old loves games. Any kind of game will do, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when he loved a deck of Crazy Eights by eeBoo our sweet neighbor gave him for the holidays.

eeBoo Crazy Eights Card Game for Kids on Amazon

In Crazy Eights, each player tries to empty their hand of cards first. You can lay down a card that matches either the suit or number, so it works similar to Uno. Eight cards function as wildcards to change the suit and can be played on top of any other card without matching. You can play by several rule variations, including drawing three cards when you can’t lay down a card, drawing until you get a card you can play (which makes the game last much longer but can also frustrate younger kids), or even playing in rounds with scoring at the end of each round. In that case, each card earns its numerical value in points, except eight cards, which count for twenty points. The player with the lowest number of points at the end of all rounds wins.

eeBoo crazy eights card game cards laid down face up and down with eight on top
These cards offer bright colors and fun illustrations that appeal to kids.

This game builds matching skills as well as practice taking turns, playing games, and strategy. It works for two players and up. Depending on the version, even younger kids can play as long as they have a firm grasp on numbers and shapes. Much like my daughter’s Fairy Queen card game, it comes with a sturdy box and pull out tray to keep cards safe between games.

eeBoo Crazy Eights card game for kids in sliding tray drawer container box
The game include a sturdy sliding box for safekeeping.

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