Unicorn Magic Colouring Set

Tiger Tribe Unicorn Magic Colouring set page partially colored by child still in spiral notebook inside folding box

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Complete Yet Compact Coloring

Tiger Tribe Unicorn Magic Colouring set page partially colored by child still in spiral notebook inside folding box
  • What: Unicorn Magic Colouring Set
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Compact,
  • Where: Amazon or Tiger Tribe

Is your kid obsessed with unicorns, horses, and magic, but not quite ready for chapter books? Need to keep them entertained during long periods of travel? Whip out this awesome Colouring Sets/unicorn Magic from Tiger Tribe.

Unicorn Magic Colouring Set on Amazon

The magnetic flap keeps everything tucked safely away until you need it. The colorful box comes with 48 different coloring pages with 10 slim markers to help fill them in hidden inside. It also includes five pages of unicorn themed stickers, such as rainbows, hearts, stars, flowers, and of course plenty of unicorns. Two compartments keep everything sorted in between use.

Unicorn Magic colouring set Tiger Tribe coloring travel compact box markers pages stickers
The box opens to reveal pages and supplies sorted into neat compartments.

This pack works great to break out for entertainment during travel. It doesn’t depend on batteries to keep kids busy, and makes no noise while offering plenty of things to do. The spiral bound notebook keeps pages from getting lost, but they can easily be removed to offer to friends and family as tokens of appreciation.

Unicorn magic colouring set Tiger Tribe box and page torn from notebook and partly covered
Pages can be removed or left attached to the notebook inside.

The size runs slightly larger than my favorite Crayola mini coloring pages and Amscan coloring kits, but the hard surface and wider box make it great for coloring just about anywhere. The extra stickers help, too. It measures about the size of a thicker hardback book, but weighs considerably less for packing.

Unicorn magic coloring pages hung up as decorations in child's room
My daughter uses her pages to decorate her room.

If your child has other obsessions, the same company makes coloring sets in dinosaurs,forest fairies, ballet, mermaids, outer space, construction, fashion, boys’ favorites, and cars & trucks.

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