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Fairy Ponies Magic Necklace beginning chapter book for kids by Zanna Davidson

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Escape with Magical Horses

Fairy Ponies Magic Necklace beginning chapter book for kids by Zanna Davidson
  • What: Fairy Pony book series by Zanna Davidson
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Quick, compelling, original
  • Where: Amazon or Usborne

Have a pony fanatic in your house? How about anyone obsessed with fairies? If so, grab one of this fabulous series and set off on adventure through a magical gateway.

Fairy Ponies: Midnight Escape on Amazon

Meet Holly, a young girl who loves horses visiting an older relative for the first time. In the first book of the series, she encounters tiny fairy ponies in her world. By the end of the series, she’s had multiple adventures in both their realm and her own, with plenty of suspense and rewards to keep kids interested.

Fairy Ponies series books kids chapter by Zanna Davidson
The Fairy Ponies series has six books, which was nowhere near enough for my daughter.

You don’t have to read the books in order, though it helps to have the first one first, as it sets up the situation. The six books in the series go in this order officially: Midnight Escape, The Magic Necklace, The Rainbow Races, Pony Princess, Unicorn Prince, and Enchanted Mirror. Each book has short chapters with large text that end on a cliffhanger to keep kids interested in reading more. Even kids who can’t read on their own yet enjoy hearing these books read out loud to them as an introduction to longer chapter books with fewer illustrations. The lightly colored drawings still appear frequently enough to spark the imagination without interrupting the story.

Inside Magic Necklace Fairy Ponies book page spread Zanna Davidson
Large text and light illustrations make this a great beginning chapter book for kids.

We got the first book for my daughter, thinking we’d see if she liked it before committing to the entire series. We should’ve saved ourselves some time, effort, and money and bought all six books together for a discount. She loved it and couldn’t wait for the next installment. But wait we did, and she’s already read through the entire series at least twice and the appeal still hasn’t worn off.

Fairy Ponies series six books Zanna Davidson in stack
Read them one at a time or get all six books.

You can sometimes find these great chapter books online, though you can always get them from Usborne direct if your child can stand waiting a bit longer for delivery. These books make great gifts because they aren’t as common on shelves and kids are less likely to own them already. Our local library didn’t carry this author, so my daughter had to wait for us to order the remaining books. But no matter how many books you choose to get, be prepared for your child to want to read them without pause.

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