Weighted Sequin Pets

Creativity for kids sequin pets weighted base

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Stuffed Sensory Sensations

Creativity for kids sequin pets weighted base
  • What: Creativity for Kids Sequin Pets
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Tactile, mesmerizing, unique
  • Where: Amazon or Target

Have your kids become obsessed with the reversible sequin trend showing up on stuffed animals, clothing, and even home decor? If you haven’t spotted this feature yet, you won’t avoid them much longer. I love these weighted reversible sequin pets so much I got one for myself.

Creativity for Kids Sequin Pets Stuffed Animal on Amazon

I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to hold onto mine. They only make three different versions. My oldest son, the one least enamored with reversible sequins, got the hedgehog for the holidays. They also make a unicorn, one of my daughter’s many current obsessions, though we don’t own that one yet. And the last version, only available at Target online and in stores, is a blue sloth. Each animal measures about ten inches tall and weighs around three pounds.

Weighted sensory reversible sequin pets Creativity for Kids blue speedy the sloth
You can write letters make designs, or just flip the sequins back and forth for fun.

I had a rough few weeks and a gift card to blow so I indulged on the limited edition blue sloth. As blue is my third child’s favorite color and he’s already made off with “my” pet once, I suspect it won’t be long until the sloth finds an alternate home in his bed. But in the meantime, I find the extra weight quite soothing, but not as soothing as flipping the sequins sewn onto the back repeatedly. Each critter comes with reusable stickers so kids can personalize their animal. I prefer the Crayola color and wash stuffed animals myself, and my kids haven’t used the stickers yet, but I like the idea.

Creativity for Kids weighted pets speedy the sloth in box veiwed from side with reusable stickers attached
Reusable stickers mean each kid can personalize their own pet.

The weighted bean bag bottom helps these guys stand up, but also purports to help soothe kids with the sensory heft. It does make them heavier than a standard stuffed animal, so unless you can’t find anything else  that calms your crying child, I wouldn’t want to carry it out and about on a regular basis.

Happy the hedgehog plush toy Creativity for kids weighted reversible sequins
The super soft fabric and heavier weight offer extra comfort.

If reversing the sequins does the trick and you need a lighter version, Shimmeez and other brands offer lighter alternatives. Or you can try one of Creativty for Kids Mini Weighted Pets, which come in dinosaur, elephant, hippo, unicorn, and narwhal versions. At only six inches tall, these guys travel easier with less oomph but still offer the sensory comfort of the larger weighted pets. Even I can’t deny the appeal of these particular pets and why limit myself to the grown up versions?

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