Snow Day Survival

Snowscape snow on a hill with evergreen trees in distance

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Winter Wear

Snowscape snow on a hill with evergreen trees in distance

  • What: Winter clothing
  • When: It snows
  • Why: Keep kids warm
  • Where: Your neighborhood

Boy, am I glad I got ahead of the winter weather with the kids’ snow clothes. We tried on everything we owned for a recent sledding trip, and then I went shopping to fill in the blanks. We’ve been fully equipped for winter weather in our moderate climate for about a week now. If you’ve been in one of the many areas hit hard by winter storms, like where the city has to light the tracks on fire to keep trains running, stock up on these winter essentials to keep your kids warm and yourself from going crazy cooped up in the house with everyone during snow days.

Kid snow clothes pants bib overalls hanging on rack at Target
Kids snow bibs and pants on the racks at Target.

Kids’ Snow Clothes: Keeping kids cozy outside can be a challenge. Grab a suit from Columbia on sale, or check out Target for the last of their kids’ snow clothes.

Child legs in pants and matching snow boots
Snow boots work well for winter even when no snow appears.

Kids’ Snow Boots: In a pinch, rain boots will do, especially with the right snow pants. But for real comfort in temperatures meant for hibernation only, invest in a solid pair of snow boots with extra warmth and ease of use.

Columbia Kids Powder Lite girls puffer jacket white with purple trim hood front pockets
These puffer jackets from Columbia can be layered for extra warmth.

Columbia Puffer Jackets: These lightweight jackets pack a real punch. They can be layered with fleece or sweaters for cold temperatures. They will even fit under other snow clothes for extra insulation during the cold snap of the century.

Arctic Paws Kids Mittens knit sherpa lined bright colors and patterns blue, yellow, green, pink stripes
Fleece lined mittens keep little paws warm.

Kid Mittens: These won’t stand up to wet snow, but they sure beat having bare bands in below freezing temperatures. Plus, you don’t have to fret when your kid loses one in the snow.

Smart wool socks for kids pink with turquoise heel and toe and blue stripes
Thick wool socks, like these from SmartWool, that dry quickly can make the difference between fun and fail.

Warm Socks for Kids: No matter what brand you choose, warm socks can make all the difference between fun in the snow and complaining kids with wet, cold feet who still have to trek home.

Kid standing next to fort wall built from snow block mold
You can make a lot of snow bricks when school get cancelled.

Snow Block Mold: Keep kids entertained long after the thrill of the sled wears off. These block molds mean kids can do all the work, or if you need to stay warm, you can pitch in, too.

Child filling snow block mold in snow park
Kids can use the bricks on their own, or adults can help.

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