Alphabet Jobs Puzzle

Infantino Alphabet Jobs When I Grow Up Puzzle circle shaped

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Letters for Learners

Infantino Alphabet Jobs When I Grow Up Puzzle circle shaped
  • What: Infantino When I Grow Up Alphabet Puzzle
  • When: Two to six years
  • Why: Practice the alphabet, learn about jobs
  • Where: Amazon

Need an indoor activity for those cold days when you’ve run out of ideas? Snow days driving any other parents crazy with the sudden extra hours of unplanned time? Invest in this puzzle from Infantino featuring 26 different jobs any kid can grow up to enjoy.

Infantino When I Grow Up alphabet jobs puzzle circular shaped ring
Infantino When I Grow Up Puzzle on Amazon


This puzzle features an unusual circular layout. The center sports a roundabout, then a ring of puzzle pieces with buildings and roads surround it. The final ring shows the 26 different letters of the alphabet, each with a job that starts with that letter and a person in the appropriate attire and accessories for that job.

Inner ring of Infantino When I Grow Up puzzle partially assembled
The inner ring acts as its own simpler puzzle for younger kids.

The puzzle works well for younger kids, because the large pieces handle easily and the bright colors appeal to kids. Each piece has only one hole to try and fit, and the letters and pictures help kids tell which end of the piece goes up, making it even easier to line up pieces and try them out. Touching each letter while they sing the alphabet song helps them learn their letters and connect the song to the alphabet.

Inner ring and partial outer ring of Infantino When I Grow Up alphetical careers puzzle completed
The alphabetical careers form another circle around the edge of the city.

Older kids can race to see how fast they can assemble the entire thing, or try their hand at helping younger kids find the right pieces. The people in the puzzle have a variety of different skin tones, and the jobs don’t always fall along predictable gender lines, either. Kids can spot a female doctor and male nurse, among others.

Individual career job people pieces from Infantino When I Grow Up puzzle
Each large piece has only one jig to fit on each side, while the letters, text, and people help kids orient pieces.

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