We Rate Dogs

Adorable Dog AnticsWe Rate Dogs profile photo Facebook

  • What: We Rate Dogs
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Entertaining, free, fun
  • Where: We Rate Dogs

I realize this site isn’t geared for kids, but boy, do my kids love We Rate Dogs. We discovered it thanks to my sister, who shared the genius. And my kids can’t get enough of it. Neither can I.

We Rate Dogs profile photo Facebook

We can’t get enough of the dog ratings from this source.

We Rate Dogs takes ordinary pups and captions them hilariously on both Twitter and Facebook. Sometimes the site turns canines into extraordinary creatures courtesy of quality descriptions. Reading the captions provides the majority of the fun, though you can’t go wrong looking at cute dog photos. But younger kids who can’t read yet can enjoy the fun, too. Even my pre-literate offspring love to look at these photos over and over again as I read the descriptions. For older kids, it makes great reading practice, and it encourages active imaginations for all ages.

We Rate Dogs calendar Jager dog photo and caption

The pictures feature adorable dogs, but the captions make us laugh.

Each dog gets a rating, in theory on a scale of 1 to 10, though mostly the ratings come out positive well beyond 10, with 8 dogs scoring as high as a 15. The pup photos provide a kick all by themselves, but the inspiration really pushes the site over the edge into obsession. Ever seen a golden carpet worm or sandy sea slug? The site also raise awareness for service dogs and dogs suffering from severe health issues, so it offers a healthy mix of entertainment with a good cause.

Eleanor We Rate Dogs calendar cumulus flop dog

I’m not sure who enjoys these more, me or my kids.

My kids can sit through page upon page of these dogs, with the only limit being how long I’m willing to read to them. If you need a quick and cute enjoyable few minutes with your child, check out the best dog ratings available.

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