Photo Book for Infants

Familiar Faces AlbumSassy Look Photo Book Who Loves Baby photo album plastic soft for infants

  • What: Sassy Look Photo Book
  • When: Birth to three years
  • Why: Easy to clean, affordable, familiar faces
  • Where: Amazon

Nothing fascinates infants quite like human faces. And what better way to get them interested in the concept of a book than with some photos of their favorite people? Far away from family or live in a different time zone? You can show them a photo of relatives as often as you’d like with this Sassy Look Photo Book.

The bright colors and black and white accents help catch your baby’s attention. Photos slip easily inside the clear sleeves, but stay safe from your infant. The entire book consists of plastic impervious to drool, spit up, or even getting dropped in the snow or a puddle of mud. Older babies can practice flipping the pages for themselves. I always like to include at least one self portrait for my kids in the pages. Each of the six pages holds one 4 x 6 inch photo, and on some versions the front cover includes space for a wallet size print as well.

Sassy Look Photo Book album for infants inside with one photo and one empty slot with black and white background

Tabs make the pages easy for little hands to flip, and the black and white backgrounds appeal to babies even without photos inserted.

You don’t have to limit yourself to photos, either. You can add bright drawings or anything else you’d like to be protected yet visible. The soft pages and round corners mean it won’t injure any little ones if they roll over on it or otherwise come into contact with it. And because you can wipe it down, it can be used during mealtime entertainment, much like the Cheerios book. The handle means you can attach it with links to a stroller, high chair, or diaper bag.

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