Valentine’s Arts and Crafts

Homemade kid valentines cards plastic beads on pipe cleaners with printed horse themed cards

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Craft Your Own Heartfelt Projects To Keep Kids Busy

Homemade kid valentines cards plastic beads on pipe cleaners with printed horse themed cards

  • What: Make Valentine’s card
  • When: During school holidays and cancellations
  • Why: Keep kids busy, economical
  • Where: Your home

It’s February and magically enough, the weather still hasn’t let up any. If the snowy weather has lost its magic and you want to stay inside instead of going outside, gather some fun crafts. During long hours of school cancellations due to snow and other winter weather, stay warm and toasty indoors without losing all your marbles with these Valentine’s projects.

Kids making valentines out of pipe cleaners chenille stems and plastic pony beads
Set up some themed crafts and let kids loose to keep them busy.

Even better, your kids need valentines for their classmates or relatives anyway. The older your kids get, the more kids in their class, and the more cards they need to make, so it keeps them busy longer.

Heart strands valentines kids homemade craft ideas
Just a few simple supplies combined in the right way will look fabulous.

Basic supplies can go a long way towards making 12 or 20 copies of the same sweet message. Cut out heart shapes in pink, red, white, or your kid’s favorite colors in various sizes and let your kids loose with some glue, tape, and markers.

Heart caterpillars homemade kid valentines cards heart shaped
My daughter crafted a batch of love caterpillars for her classmates.

Need more advanced ideas? These heart caterpillars send a simple yet sweet message. You can buy more advanced supplies like paper or foam heart shapes, but cut or punch out hearts use up more time in production without the need for a visit to the craft store.

heart chicken valentines homemade child
My son made these chickens out of hearts for his classmates.

These heart chickens work great, too. A few heart shapes in oversized and small sizes, and some googly eyes, and your kids can craft them. Even younger kids can glue and stick the hearts and eyes on without much assistance.

Football beads and homemade printed card valentines kids
Dolphins and footballs can be festive when strung and shaped into a heart.

Plastic or wooden beads and pipe cleaners will go a long way towards Valentine’s crafts, too. Kids can make bracelets, necklaces, or even bend the chenille stems Into heart shapes after stringing them with colored beads in just about any shape or size.

Lego bags valentines cards homemade kids
My son gave away Legos Valentine’s to his friends.

If your kid wants something besides hearts, put those spare Legos to good use. Scoop a few extras into clear sandwich bags, and tape them onto bright rectangles cut from paper. Add a catchy saying and your kid can build better friendships to boot.

Child making bracelets from plastic pony beads and pipe cleaners
My son made tons of bracelets he liked the project so much.

Whatever you find, from tissue paper to plain white paper, your kids can turn it into a keepsake. Find your fun fit for almost any age level and spread out your supplies to keep your kids entertained and give yourself a change of activity, or, if luck smiles upon you, a big break.

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