Fuzzy Puzzles

Tactile Puzzles for Little HandsCeaco Fuzzy Puzzles under the sea theme two pieces on hardwood floor

  • What: Ceaco Fuzzy Puzzles
  • When: 18 months and up
  • Why: Soft, quiet, lightweight
  • Where: Secondhand or Amazon

Do you have a new baby, but still need to entertain an older sibling? Looking for some quiet toys to play with while the new baby sleeps? Check out these soft fuzzy puzzles from Ceaco.

Ceaco fuzzy puzzle under the sea theme assembled

We started with this under the sea theme because my young son loved fish.

The 24 piece puzzles work great for kids two to five years of age. They can practice with the pieces, and dumping them out even onto hardwood floors makes hardly any noise at all. The big pieces have soft sides and can be easily handled. The soft felt also means if kids get frustrated and throw a piece, no one, including the family pet, will get injured.

Pile of fuzzy puzzle pieces on hardwood floor

Pieces of our three fuzzy puzzles all jumbled together.

I love sitting with my kids while they try and assemble our felt puzzles. We have three because I liked the first one so much with infants in the house I got two more. I keep them all together in one bag. Looking at each piece and sorting them into three piles so we know which pieces go with which puzzle provides part of the fun, too. We have an under the sea, a farm, and dinosaur themed ones, but they also come in circus and 3D versions with bug, safari, and farm themes.

Farm theme fuzzy kids puzzle from Ceaco

We love all our fuzzy puzzles.

The pieces fit together like any other puzzle and offer excellent hand eye coordination practice as well as spatial relations and logic skills and practice with color and recognition and picture orientation.

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