Kid Made Decor Ideas

tiny pink christmas tree made from pipe cleaners chenille stems and wooden beads

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Make Indoor Days Fun

tiny pink christmas tree made from pipe cleaners chenille stems and wooden beads

  • What: Kid made home decor
  • When: Stuck inside with kids
  • Why: Affordable screen free entertainment
  • Where: Your home

Stuck inside with your offspring during inclement weather or at home during a sick spell? Try some crafts. In November, you can deck out your home with Thanksgiving arts and crafts. Handprint turkeys go a long way and require very few materials. When December rolls around and you can’t go out looking for easy entertainment, your kids can make a veritable plethora of holiday crafts. They make great gifts, too, and can save you a bundle.

Child creating working making melty bead Perla christmas ornaments decorations with patterns
My kids can crank out a batch of melty bead holiday ornaments for decorating or gift giving.

By January, you can get into the spirit of civil rights and delve into MLK Day. Or just go for a winter theme, and pull out some cotton balls or marshmallows or even this melting snowman for snow themed fun. You can’t go wrong with snowflakes which only require paper and scissors, and almost anything kids cut turns out well.

Giant paper snowflake kid made hanging from ceiling decoration winter
Grab white paper and a pair of scissors  and tape or staples are all you need to make snowflakes in any size.

By the time the calendar turns to February, Valentine’s Day crafts take center stage. Classmates can benefit from your crafting efforts that also happen to consume multiple hours, possibly even over several days. And most people can find paper to make heart shapes and tissue paper decor around the house.

Kid made valentines heart shaped crafts easy
Combine different sizes of hearts to make a variety of easy crafts.

By March, go green and get into the Irish spirit with St. Patrick’s Day. Clover, leprechaun hats, rainbows, and pots of gold (Gold tissue paper works wonders!) can keep your kids busy for quite some time.

Kid craft ideas paper flowers in disposable cup with beans
Use leftover straws, plastic flatware, paper, and buttons to make a bouquet. Beans will keep flowers upright in a disposable cup vase.

By April, spring flowers bloom all over your home for some much needed color and lifting of spirits. And heaven forbid you’re still stuck inside by May, but Mother’s Day rolls around and almost anything goes, though handprint projects prove especially popular.

Kid handprint ceramic tile mother's day gift
Handprint art uses paint and paper or pottery to make a treasured gift for moms.

Grab a stack of paper, some glue, scissors, and for extra credit, pipe cleaners, beads, pom poms, yarn, or melty beads. For all these occasions, you can use the results to decorate your house, or give to family and friends. Or for the most mileage, do both!

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