Cat Crimes Game

Cat Crimes logic brainteaser game kids from Thinkfun

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Feline Whodunit Fun

Cat Crimes logic brainteaser game kids from Thinkfun

  • What: Cat Crimes Game
  • When: Ages 8 and up
  • Why: Single player game, build logic skills
  • Where: Amazon

Cat got your tongue? When kids play this solo game, you might not hear much out of them. The game, much like Three Little Piggies or Roller Coaster Challenge requires only one player. More people can participate and work as team, but one kid can play, any time.

Cat Crimes Logic Game on Amazon

To get started, lay out the board which has six different locations, each with two identifying items nearby. Choose a card and place the matching crime token in the correct location, covering one of the main items on the board. Read the clues from the card, then figure out which of the six cats has been involved in the crime scene, and remove anyone absent. Start placing the remaining felines according to the hints listed, until you work out which cat sat where. The cat in front of the crime token did it.

Cat Crimes card challange next to board crime token and cat piece
Use the clues on the card to deduce the culprit.

Flip the card over to see if you’ve correctly deduced the answer. Either way, you can pull another card and start all over again. Cards range from beginner to expert, so kids can work their way up the difficulty scale. Adults can also test themselves with this logic game. Although it’s rated for ages 8 and up, if your child can’t read, you can always read the clues out loud to them (or to a group) and see if they can figure out these brain teasers. My six year old isn’t quite up to the reading challenge but enjoys the puzzling part.

Cat Crimes back of game box showing board layout and characters
Solve any crime, then pack everything away into its compact box.

The game packs up compactly into its box for storage between use. You don’t have to be a wizard to get everything back in, either. The box takes up less room than the average kids’ game, so it works well for tight spaces and kids entertaining themselves. But be careful. You might get sucked into solving a few yourself.

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