Fruit Leather Snacks

Stretch Island fruit leather all natural fruit snack no added sugar

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Healthy On the Go Snacking

Stretch Island fruit leather all natural fruit snack no added sugar

  • What: Stretch Island fruit leather snacks
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Quick, portable, affordable, healthy
  • Where: Amazon or your local grocery store

Looking for an easy snack your kids will love? Feel like breaking out of the bar trend? Want an easy to pack fruit, but have passed the food pouch stage? Grab a pack of Stretch Island fruit leather. My three kids all love them so much, we buy them in bulk and still manage to run out on a regular basis.

Stretch Island Fruit Leather Variety Pack of 48 on Amazon

I have yet to meet a kid who doesn’t like some flavor of fruit leather. And these organic fruit snacks work well for kids with various dietary restrictions, from allergies to vegans. They contain only fruit with no added sugar or other ingredients.

Variety of Stretch Island fruit leather flavors fanned out on white counter
We get the variety pack with six fruit flavors.

We buy a mixed box of six flavors, including apple, apricot, grape, cherry, raspberry, and strawberry. You can buy these individually for a trial run, or grab a smaller box containing 8 or 30 of the same flavor. The company has new packaging, but the same great product inside.

Old packaging of Stretch Island fruit leather gluten free no sugar added vegan
The packaging has changed from this older version with the same great no sugar added fruit inside.

I hand out these bars in lunches, for snacks, at playdates, and offer them to visitors regularly. I keep three in almost any bag I carry for emergency provisions. I’ve even been known to sneak one for a quick pick me up myself. Grab one or an entire box and see what your kids think of this easy on the go snack option.

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