Hatley Raincoats

Hatley rain jacket coat size 8 boys orange towel lining cars print

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Keep Kids Dry and Warm

Hatley rain jacket coat size 8 boys orange towel lining cars print

  • What: Hatley Raincoats
  • When: 9 months to 8 years
  • Why: Durable, versatile, adorable
  • Where: Amazon or Hatley

March has finally arrived, and hopefully the snow days are behind us. So we have pulled out all our spring gear, including these fabulous raincoats from Hatley.

Hatley Girls’ Printed Raincoat on Amazon

These durable rain jackets come with a full lining to keep kids extra dry, even after they spend hours out in the rain. My son loves his Hatley raincoat so much, he wears it instead of his winter jacket (unless it snows). Each hooded coat comes with two outside pockets, in baby sizes  of 9-12 months, 12-18 months, and 18-24 months. You can also buy kids sizes from 2T to 8. Hatley has irresistibly cute prints and bright colors to suit almost any interest. You can even get designss that change color when they get wet. Their patterns change seasonally, so if you see something you can’t resist, grab it before it disappears. You can also find some older patterns at other online retailers, so it’s always worth searching.

Hatley Boys’ Printed Raincoat on Amazon

You can toss these jackets into the wash if needed, but since they get wet constantly, I’ve never had a need to launder ours. Their sizes run big on my kids, much like the fleece jackets of the same brand, which means your kids can wear them longer. You can easily roll up the sleeves to get an extra few months of wear, too. And the soft towel type lining makes them super comfortable even over short sleeved shirts. My kid wears his almost every day, and shoves it into unceremoniously into his backpack when he doesn’t need it. But it doesn’t have a single crack or rip in the material despite hours of play at the park and in the woods.

Child wearing Hatley raincoat cars print orange lining on public transportation train
My son wears his rain jacket everywhere.

I already swear by Hatley’s fleece jackets and these raincoats offer the perfect complement so kids can go out in any weather. Layer the rain jacket over the fuzzy fleece and you will be ready for anything at home or out and about. With this versatile combination, you won’t need any other outerwear for three seasons of the year.

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