Multiplayer Kid Games

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Stock These Games for Easy EntertainmentMonopoly Junior property board game for kids in a box carnival theme edition

  • What: Multiplayer kid games
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Quiet, fun, affordable, wide age range
  • Where: Amazon

Stuck inside and exhausted your stash of single player kid games to keep them entertained? Try these games that require two or more players to while away more time indoors without resorting to electronics

Clue Junior board set up to play

Clue Junior gives young detectives a chance to find the culprit. If your kids like solving mysteries, you can’t go wrong with this board game. A spinoff of the classic adult game, this kid version requires less reading (except the instructions) and offers a simple format to solve the same sort of crime: who ate the cake and with what drink? The answer depends on each game and a lot of luck, so it evens the playing field for siblings of different ages.

Monopoly Junior board game with cars and houses lined up

Monopoly Junior works much like the full version, but takes less time to play. You can adjust the rules slightly to make it faster or slower since the game ends when players run out of money. More players make the game go longer, too, but the easy to follow rules and simplified cards and ownership appeal to younger kids.

Battleship Game in progress

Battleship can be played while doing a host of other things, like helping siblings with crafting projects, making a meal, or doing the dishes. Just make sure your kid can’t see your board, or better yet, set two siblings to playing. It helps with numbers and letter recognition, so even younger kids can play, and each game can take some time to finish, especially for kids who have yet to catch on to strategic guessing.

Four First Games box from Ravensburger kid games

First Four Games offers four different board games in one box for the youngest set of kids. The box reuses pieces, so you can’t always play two of the games simultaneously. But it provides fun age appropriate games with varying levels of difficulty that won’t drive adults crazy and can be enjoyed with older siblings.

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