Usborne Big Books

Usborne big book of big dinosaurs with huge oversized fold out pages picture

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Oversized Reading Fun

Usborne big book of big dinosaurs with huge oversized fold out pages picture

  • What: Usborne Big Books
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Informative, factual, fold out fun
  • Where: Amazon or Usborne

Looking for more quality books for kids on their favorite subject? Whether your kid loves dinosaurs, trains, or sea creatures, check out Usborne’s Big Books on a variety of subjects.

Big Book of Big Bugs on Amazon

All these big books feature fold out pages with tons of factual info on the selected topic. You can read all the text and enjoy the giant pages together. Or hand one over when you need a few quiet minutes to yourself. Even a child who can’t read yet will enjoy exploring the oversized pages and looking at the colorful illustrations.

Usborne Big book of big trains picture pages folded out on floor
One of the giant fold out page spreads from The Big Book of Big Trains.

You can buy these books in at least 15 different topics directly from Usborne or anywhere else you spot them. Lots of topics, including bugs, dinosaurs, trains, the human body, sea creaturesbig machines, planets, big animals, colors, letters, rockets, and trucks, can be found online as well.

Close up of fold out page from Usborne Big Book of Big Trains picture books for kids
These books contain all sorts of facts and tidbits on the topic.

These books do weigh more than average. They might be a bit heavy for smaller hands to handle alone, and despite their quality content and long reading time, I’ve never attempted to pack one for traveling. But their interest level goes far beyond normal books on the subject, with plenty of text printed on fully illustrated pages. My kids have enjoyed them as young as two years old and still pull them out regularly at age eight now.

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