Wooden Walking Duck Toy

Wooden walking duck push toy on stick with yellow head

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Take the Duck for a Walk

Wooden walking duck push toy on stick with yellow head
  • What: Wooden Walking Duck
  • When: 18 months to 6 years
  • Why: Quality construction, encourages movement
  • Where: Amazon

We stumbled across this wooden walking duck at an outdoor produce stand a few years back, and my kids still love this toy. They had to all agree to be eligible to take him home, and they had no trouble choosing the perfect duck, or agreeing to name him Paddy.

Wooden Walking Duck on Amazon

Though you’d think these ducks would appeal most to toddlers and the younger set, my six year old loved him just as much as the younger two. Even at ages four, six, and eight, they all still enjoy taking him out for a stroll. The sturdy wooden pieces and feet mean he works well indoors and out.

Two small kids walking wooden duck push toy on stick with pink head in outdoor market
My kids have been enamored of these wooden ducks since we first spotted them a couple years ago.

This duck makes a surprisingly realistic waddling noise, thanks to his flexible feet. The round ball on the end of the stick means kids don’t impale themselves or their siblings. We saw ducks painted different colors for the head, including purple, green, and red. Our Paddy, at two years old, still looks well despite multiple outings through potentially treacherous terrain, starting with the dusty parking lot where we first got him.

Wooden duck push toy with yellow head and black flippers
The soft accent pieces and sturdy wooden wheels work great on most terrain.

This toy won’t scratch floors or your kids. If you want a solid wooden toy that will appeal to kids for years to come, as well as encourage them to get up and move around, adopt your own wooden duck on a stick.

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