Banana Split With a Twist

Bananas bunch with Tillamook individual yogurt containers cups

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Just Add Yogurt

Bananas bunch with Tillamook individual yogurt containers cups

  • What: Banana split snacks made with yogurt
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Fun, healthy, filling
  • Where: Your home

Looking for a tasty yet fun treat to spice up snack time with your kids? Try a banana split made with yogurt instead of ice cream.

Empty bowl on counter with small child hands, tollhouse chocolate chips, and bear naked granola, tillamook yogurt
Grab whatever’s handy for this simple snack.

I introduced this concept to my kids on a whim several years back, and now all three of my kids eat them regularly. We go through so many yogurts and bananas! Instead of using frozen ice cream, I use regular (non frozen) yogurt. We cut up a banana (kids can practice their skills with a plastic knife as they get older), and then add yogurt on top.

Bowl of yogurt, granola, mini chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows
A banana split just the way my kid likes it.

Then I let the kids loose with the best part – the toppings! My kids love to assemble their own food items, but these splits top their list. Each of my kids can tailor their snack to their own liking. I offer sprinkles (an excellent way to use up leftover sprinkles from birthday and holiday decorating), mini chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, blueberries, raspberries, granola, nuts, and anything else I find on hand.

Child adding topppings to bowl of yogurt
My son adding toppings to his split.

These healthy snacks offer lots of good nutrition with a side of special treats, and my kids can’t get enough. They would eat them multiple times a day if allowed. (We have a one per day limit.) These yogurt splits make an excellent alternative even for breakfast when you run low on time and need your kids to pitch in for the assembly process. They also pack a big punch for a snack, so I often encourage them when I know our next meal might be running later than usual.

Empty bowl of banana yogurt split for kids snack
My kids gobble up these snacks.

No matter when they get them, my kids gobble it all up. I feel good about their choices, and they feel great about choosing their yogurt flavor and toppings, so we all leave the table happy.

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