Kids’ Coat Rack

Kids coats hanging on airplane metal red coat hooks mounted on wall

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Hang Up Their Hat

Kids coats hanging on airplane metal red coat hooks mounted on wall
  • What: Kids’ Coat Rack
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Corral the clutter, put kids in charge
  • Where: Amazon

Tired of a pile of coats and jackets on your floor? Sick of trying to find a place to stash the winter gear with the raincoats and fleeces and everything else for changing weather conditions? Maybe you want a place where your kid can handle their own outerwear, or you just need to save some space. Look no further than some wall space to mount a kid friendly coat rack.

Metal Wall Hooks for Kids on Amazon

We hung our airplane coat rack at kid height at least four years ago, and have used it ever since. It came with seven hooks, which means when the rack overflows, we put away some outerwear. Even with three kids in (and out of) the house, it has provided plenty of hanging real estate.

Close up kids coat rack airplane hooks red metal wall mounted rack
Our airplane comes with seven hooks built into the design.

The simple hooks make it easy for kids to hang their own stuff, from rain jackets to fleeces to bags or other accessories. But the smooth edges keep kids from getting poked in any unfortunate places, while providing a designated area  to keep belongings corralled.

Kids coats hanging on red metal airplane wall mounted coat rack with boots underneath
We get a remarkable number of coats, vests, fleeces, and hoodies on our seven hook rack.

Our rack weighs next to nothing, so we didn’t need any fancy equipment or specific stud locations to install it. Plus, it won’t injure kids if it falls. (Ours never has, despite multiple tussles with kids wielding jackets.) But it can hold more than seven coats without doing anything besides hiding the cute design.

Kids Car Themed Coat Hooks on Amazon

While our particular brand of airplane coat rack is no longer available, you can get a similar metal rack with five hooks, available in five different colors and several different designs. If you prefer wooden types, Mousehouse comes well reviewed. They offer a three hook rack in a variety of themes geared toward the youngest set of coat wearing kids, including safari animal, dinosaurs, princesses, and birds.

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