Skip Hop Zoo Backpack

Skip Hop Zoo cow little kids toddler backpack hanging on hook

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Monkeys and Other Animals on Your Back

Skip Hop Zoo cow little kids toddler backpack hanging on hook

  • What: Skip Hop Zoo Little Kids’ Backpacks
  • When: 18 months to 6 years
  • Why: Affordable, durable, adorable
  • Where: Amazon

I can’t say enough good things about Skip Hop and their kid-sized lunch products. So when my youngest child wanted to expand our collection, I ordered one of their adorable yet durable backpacks for young kids.

Skip Hop Toddler Backpack on Amazon

My youngest son, who’s clearly not so young anymore, recently asked for a backpack. He makes the weekly trek a couple of blocks from school to soccer without any parental sherpas to carry his lunch, water bottle, and other belongings for him. He wanted to put all his stuff on his back and enjoy the walk with his friends, and he knew just what he wanted.

Child walking down sidewalk wearing Skip Hop cow design little kids toddler backpack with skip hop water bottle in side mesh pocket
My son loves wearing his backpack.

This backpack can hold all his things, including his Skip Hop Lunch box, his Skip Hop water bottle, a change of clothes, and a few other things he requires. Yet the smaller size won’t weight him down or overpower him with the load. He loves carrying it so much, he puts it on his back for the short trip from the house to the car and from school to the car, and pretty much any other time he can come up with an excuse to carry it. He request this style specifically because so many of his classmates have different styles from the same brand.

Skip Hop cow little kids backpack straps
These backpacks come with padded, adjustable straps.

You, too, can choose your favorite from over 20 animals, including llamas and bats, as well as more common animals like cats, dogs, and dinosaurs. Made especially for younger kids, these bags feature adjustable straps and come with a big main compartment and an easy to wipe down lining.  They also have a mesh pocket on the side perfect for sippy cups or water bottles, and a front pocket to store even more essentials within easy reach. The top handle makes it simple for parents to grab when kids don’t want to do the hauling.

Side mesh pocket on Skip Hop little kids cow backpack perfect for holding water bottle or sippy cup
The side mesh pocket fits a cup or water bottle just right.

Fun textures, bright colors, and whimsical designs combine with the quality I’ve come to expect from Skip Hop for a backpack that appeals to kids but gets the parental stamp of approval, too.

Cow backpack front pocket open with mesh pocket visible inside on Skip Hop cow little kids backpack
The front pocket offers another mesh pocket inside to keep belongings safe and organized.

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