Bug House

Sunny Patch pink butterfly bug house for kids

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Snug as a Bug in a House

Sunny Patch pink butterfly bug house for kids
  • What: Sunny Patch Bug House
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Affordable, secure
  • Where: Amazon

If your kids also like to capture and rehome small creatures, check out this bug house. I got sick of finding empty bottles and jars to house these doomed creatures in various nooks and crannies of our home. Then we discovered this bug house, and now all critters stay safely confined, though their days remain numbered.

Sunny Patch Bug House by Melissa and Doug on Amazon

My kids have practiced their burgeoning caregiving skills on these bugs, slugs, and other creatures from the wilds of our yard and beyond. This cage gives them a great view of their new pets without risking escape. Because I don’t need more bugs making my house their home.

Sunny Patch pink mesh bug house Cutie Pie Butterfly design by Melissa and Doug
The mesh keeps bugs safely inside yet visible and ventilated.

The bright color and butterfly door appeal to my kids, while the firm closure sells me. The handle makes the entire house, about seven inches long, easy to transport to the park and back for a good bug hunt. The door swivels open to allow kids to add moist paper towels, leaves, dirt, and anything else they desire for their insect companions, but stays firmly in place the remainder of the time.

Tag text from Sunny Patch bug house by Melissa and Doug
The tag includes more ideas for bug-related fun.

You can choose from four different designs by Melissa and Doug, including a pink butterfly or yellow bug, or the older style designs featuring a butterfly option or a green bug. If you want to corral the creatures your kids bring home, stop rustling through cabinets or trash and recycling bins and grab one of these bug houses.

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