Luxury Strollers for Less

Baby infant in easter outfit riding in orange Bugaboo Frog luxury stroller expensive brand

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Ride In Style for a Fraction of the Cost

Baby infant in easter outfit riding in orange Bugaboo Frog luxury stroller expensive brand
  • What: Luxury strollers for less
  • When: Birth to 5 years
  • Why: Get more, spend less
  • Where: Secondhand shops and sites

If you’ve got your eye on a luxury stroller, but just can’t justify the high price tag, look no further than secondhand for a steal on top brands.

Infant chewing on straps of Bugaboo Frog stroller in orange with RoSK all weather blanket
All three of my kids used our Bugaboo stroller extensively as infants.

Before my first kid, I saw a stroller priced at $800 with a friend, and couldn’t figure out who bought such things. Wouldn’t you know I ended up with the exact same type of stroller for my kids? Luckily, I paid much less and got a lot more by buying secondhand.

Preschooler in sunglasses riding in Bugaboo Frog stroller on gravel path
Our Bugaboo stroller can handle any type of terrain with ease.

Our Bugaboo Frog stroller came from craigslist. It had already been through two families, and has now lasted through all three of our kids with lots of life left. It came with brand new seat fabric, as well as an extra shade and seat frame. We didn’t have to switch the fabric for the bassinet and upright seat back and forth. Instead we could just pop one off and the other one. Once we had three kids, I snagged a Bugaboo stroller board on the same secondhand list to complete our setup.

Child riding on stroller board behind Bugaboo Frog stroller in easter hat
My daughter still rides on the stroller board behind our Bugaboo.

In fact, the only stroller I bought brand new was the Joovy Groove Ultralight umbrella stroller, after our beloved Joovy Kooper broke and they had discontinued that model. I searched for another one used for almost a year before giving up and purchasing new. Guess what? I did not love it and wish I’d bought something different. But I’d bought new and felt like we needed to keep it to get our money’s worth. Buying secondhand means you can test the actual stroller out, either before your baby arrives, or with your little one, for features important to you

Child reclined in Bugaboo Frog stroller outside in sunshine
We still use the stroller and all its features regularly more than eight years later.

If you want your used stroller to look brand new, considering investing in a new set of fabric. Almost all the major brands will sell replacement seat covers and shades for a fraction of the retail price for the entire stroller. No matter which stroller you choose, give an older model a new life at a fraction of the price by shopping consignment or thrift stores and online second hand sites. Whether you need a stroller upgrade for a new family addition, something to keep in the car for outings, or an everyday workhorse, check for used options before buying brand new. You’ll save yourself some money, plus you get the good feelings for being environmentally friendly.

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