Top Five Newborn Toys

Give Them the Best StartInfant sleeping in car seat with green frog wubbanub pacifier stuffed animal attached

  • What: Best toys for newborns
  • When: Birth to one year
  • Why: Stimulate senses, develop skills
  • Where: Your home

Brand new to parenting? Want the best toys for your infant? Looking for the perfect shower gift, something parents can really use right from the start? Look no further than these five toys perfect for even the youngest consumer.

Oball: You can’t go wrong with an Oball. This lightweight ball offers so many spots for little hands to grasp. Plus, it rolls, and it squishes for easy compact packing in the diaper bag. Babies love to chew on it, explore the texture, and try to capture it. Safe for even the smallest infant, the appeal will last well beyond the first few months.

Infant in stroller picture inserted into baby photo book album safe for infants drool proof

I got a baby-proof photo book for each of my children.

Photo Album: Those first few days are precious – and fast! Luckily, you can grab a baby safe photo book to document the fleeting moments with your newborn. With drool proof pages, parents can insert their favorite photos or images for baby’s viewing pleasure. Want more black and white stimulation? These books come with printed patterns to appeal to the youngest visual ranges.

Infant in swing with Taggies little blanket

My son still sleeps with his Taggies blanket more than 4 years later.

Taggies: These tiny squares, made from the softest fabric, come well loved by babies everywhere for a reason, not just because of the luxury feel. The silky smooth tags sewn around all the edges encourage exploration and fine motor skills for older infants. Babies love textures, and this blanket provides a plethora of ones for the smallest hands to explore.

Baby Buzzer: This small toy buzzes and flashes. You wouldn’t know it to look at it, but it can be a lifesaver for fussy babies. Whether on the changing table or in the car seat, push the button to set the toy buzzing and watch as your infant soothes. The front side includes a face to appeal to little ones, while the flip side boasts a shiny mirror for more visual fun. Plus it boosts a low price point, so why not give it a try?

Infant in Fisher Price woodland creatures bouncy seat with wubbanub blue dinosaur mary meyer triceratops pacifier

My son took to his Wubbanub pacifier from the get go.

Wubbanub: Maybe your child will take a pacifier. Maybe they won’t. Even if they have zero interest in sucking on this nipple, they will love the soft, tiny, stuffed toy to handle. Parents will love how easy the attached stuffed toy makes it to find a pacifier in a crowded diaper bag or dark crib. One of my kids used her Wubbanub until almost age four, not to suck but to fiddle for comfort in scary situations. It worked like a charm every time. Plus, these super soft animals can be cleaned in the washing machine with all the other laundry babies create.

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