Pink Dog

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Ride On Into the SunsetPink inflatable dog ride on toy for kids by Wahoo Marky Sparky

  • What: Pink Dog Inflatable Ride on Toy by Wahoo
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Durable, wide age appeal, quiet
  • Where: Secondhand, Amazon

Want a resilient ride on toy for your kids? Maybe you want a quiet bouncy toy for younger kids to enjoy inside without marking up the floors? Look no further than this pink dog by Wahoo.


Pink dog with leg decorations inflatable ride on toy for young kids by Wahoo
My kids have loved this pink dog since they first laid eyes on him.

Pink Dog, as he’s affectionately been called for years in our household, came from the toy store. Grandparents took my young daughter, age 3, and let her make her own toy selection. She came home with this big guy, much to my dismay. We had to get everything in suitcases for the flight home, and I had no idea how to make that happen. But she loved it so much we tried.

Pink dog inflatable ride on toy propping up book next to sofa
This multipurpose toy can even double as a stand for books.

Luckily, this toy deflates. You’ll need a needle and some sort of pump (it comes with one) to inflate it, but once you get the air out, it becomes much more packable. Now that we’ve gotten him home, we’ve never tried to deflate him again. But all three of my kids have gotten hours, if not days, of riding enjoyment out of this guy. They’ve also fashioned leashes and dragged him around without any riders, slept with him, and even bathed with him.

Children in bath tub with Pink Dog inflatable ride on toy by Wahoo
My kids do so much more than just ride on this inflatable toy.

This guy holds up to wear and tear. Despite many incidents with multiple children over the years, he still bears no ill will or signs of damage. Better yet, he still holds all his air and provides a solid ride with plenty of bounce to thrill the kids, and you can wipe the surface clean – or ride him through the sprinkler, or enjoy him in the bath. The large ears (or in the cases of some animals, horns) provide natural handles for little hands to grip.

Pink dog by Wahoo
None of my kids can resist this face.

While he doesn’t qualify as compact or easy to store, as least he looks good peeking out around the corner or at the bottom of a closet (for those of you who have such storage options). When you want a ride that will last, adopt this dog that never needs to be fed or walked, but will be just as loved as a member of the family.

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