Where’s the Wookie?

Wonderfully WookieWhere's the Wookie? 2 look and find Star Wars book for kids

  • What: Where’s the Wookie? look and find book
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Encourage reading, strengthen counting skills, entertaining
  • Where: Amazon

You know I love a good look and find book for kids and adults alike. While you can never go wrong with Waldo, these books feature a new kid in town. Or shall I say a Wookie? If you also share space with a Star Wars fan of the furry space race, grab a copy of this search and destroy book called Where’s the Wookiee? to entertain them.

You can get Where’s the Wookiee? in its original form, or the follow up books, Where’s The Wookiee? 2 and Deluxe Where’s the Wookiee? edition.  If you need even more entertainment, grab a copy of the Where’s the Wookie Collection Gift Box, which includes the first and second books as well as an additional coloring book. No matter which one you choose, the force will be with you as you or your kids search the galaxy for the Wookies and beyond.

Page spread from Where's the Wookie? 2 look and find Star Wars book for kids

See how long it takes you to spot the Wookie in hiding.

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