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Panini NFL sticker book 2018 NFL season collectors album 32 teams

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Keep Football Kicking in the Off Season

Panini NFL sticker book 2018 NFL season collectors album 32 teams
  • What: NFL Sticker Collection Albums
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Affordable, year round football, reward good behavior
  • Where: Amazon

Got a kid who can’t wait for football season to start? You can get in on the action early with this NFL football sticker book from Panini.

2018 Panini NFL Sticker Collectors Album on Amazon

If your offspring can’t wait for fall, you can get a sticker album for a few bucks. It comes with six stickers to get you started, but you’ll want more. Each pack of stickers, which retail for around $1, contains 5 stickers. The album lists all 32 teams with nine players per team, and a special shiny sticker with the team logo as well as three highlighted players on each page spread. It also includes some extra pages for the previous years play off teams, Super Bowl, and international matchups. In total, it holds more than 500 stickers.

Panini 2018 NFL sticker packs five stickers each
I buy packs in large quantities to have on hand for rewards, holidays, and other gift giving occasions.

I buy these sticker packs in bulk and use them as motivation for my oldest kid, who’s developed an obsession with the sport. Because each pack is a random assortment, you never know what you will get. If I need him to practice reading or writing, he gets a sticker pack as reward. If he does something noteworthy, I have a stash on hand to reinforce his good behavior.

Dolphins page spread from Panini NFL sticker book collectors album 2018
Each team has their own two page spread.

These football stickers also work great tucked inside Easter eggs if you want to avoid sugar overload when hunting small football shaped goodies, and make great small gifts, too. The stickers help reinforce number recognition and counting skills, as well as matching. If you want to bide some time until the next kickoff, grab a book and start collecting now.

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