Easter Baskets by Age

Easter basket filled with eggs and small gifts

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Overflowing with Age Appropriate Goodness

Easter basket filled with eggs and small gifts

  • What: Easter basket contents by age
  • When: Birth to six years
  • Why: Keep basket goodies age appropriate
  • Where: Your home

Do you need some inspiration for gathering Easter goodies? Want to make sure multiple ages have something satisfactory delivered by the Easter bunny? Check out these lists of Easter basket ideas by age group.

Baby infant dressed in first easter shirt and pants with bunny feet
Even the littlest ones can get Easter treats.

Easter Baskets for Babies: Young ones need extra attention to get good stuff that’s still safe for their little hands, mouths, and tummies.

Toddler carrying easter basket bucket filled with eggs on grass
Now that they can move, toddlers want to hunt eggs, too.

Easter Baskets Ages 1 to 3: Infants and toddlers can move around, but still don’t need all the sugar overload bigger kids can handle. These ideas will keep them happy and safe.

Easter basket filled with easter eggs, beanie boos, Driven truck, and more
Older kids have more options.

Easter Baskets for Ages 3 to 6: Now that you don’t have to worry so much about choking hazards, the options really expand. Check out some more ideas to delight younger kids beyond the toddler stage.

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