Chocolate Alternatives for Easter Eggs

Young child opening candy from easter egg

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Sweet Treats Without the Mess

Young child opening candy from easter egg
  • What: Chocolate alternatives to fill Easter eggs
  • When: Six months to six years
  • Why: Avoid the sugar overload
  • Where: Your home

Don’t want the sugar overload that comes with pre-filled eggs? Do your kids have dietary restrictions or food allergies that keep them from eating chocolate? Or maybe you just want more variety and or less sugar in your kid’s Easter eggs. All these treats will tuck easily inside and work for a wide range of ages, from those just starting solid foods to bigger kids who don’t need all that candy.

Cheerios o's in a pile

O’s or other dried cereal work for even some of the littlest Easter egg recipients who can have solid food can manage o’s. You can get o’s made out of oats, wheat, rice, and other ingredients to suit just about any dietary restriction. You can add as many to an plastic egg as you’d like.

Gerber Strawberry apple puffs finger food for toddlers

Puffs also work great for eggs. They fit inside without any issues, even in multiples, and dissolve so they require minimal chewing. You can find various brands, flavors, and ingredients to suit your little one’s preferences.

Bowl of goldfish crackers in mixed flavors

Goldfish come in so many different kinds now, from the cheddar crackers we all know and love to graham cracker flavors like s’mores and vanilla cupcake. You can find other shapes and flavors at almost any grocery store.

Jelly belly jelly beans and belly flops in bowl

Jelly beans offer something sweet that won’t melt. I personally won’t consider anything less than Jelly Belly brand myself, and their smaller size fits nicely into eggs. But just about any kind will tuck safely inside, and make a pleasant rattling noise to boot.

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