Best of March 2019

Kid riding on Jetkids BedBox being pulled by sibling through busy airport

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Marching Towards SummerKid riding on Jetkids BedBox being pulled by sibling through busy airport

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And the winners areā€¦..the most popular posts from the month of March! I guess everyone started thinking about travel plans (Spring break anyone? Anxious for summer?), getting started on their gardening, and surviving the last of the winter weather without getting too wet.

JetKids BedBox with two kids in airport lounger
My kids still get lots of use out of the JetKids BedBox.

JetKids BedBox: A suitcase that functions as a ride on kid carrier and a bed on board an airplane. What more could parents want for traveling?

Tomato plant seedling in small pot next to kids' gardening trowel
My son’s tiny tomato seedling.

Gardening with Kids: Let kids get dirty with these ideas for spring planting.

Hatley boys raincoat orange lining cars print
Tis’ the season for wet outerwear.

Hatley Raincoats: Get gets outside during wet weather and still keep them and your home dry.

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