Take Apart Airplane

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Let Assembly Skills Take OffBattat Take Apart Airplane biplane in red, blue, and yellow parts with silver screws

  • What: Take Apart Airplane by Battat
  • When: 18 months and up
  • Why: Big pieces, easy to put together and take apart
  • Where: Amazon

Want a building toy that will entertain kids from an early age? Maybe your little engineer wants to take things apart constantly. Give them something constructive to deconstruct with this Take Apart Airplane from Battat that’s meant to be disassembled over and over again.

Battat Take Apart Airplane on Amazon

This set comes complete with a drill and three different attachments to tighten and loosen all the screws  and bolts that hold the airplane together. Kids can switch out the pieces, and even when not assembling the plane, the screwdriver comes in handy for repairing other things, like mom’s knee.

Battat Take Apart Airplane toy for toddlers in pieces on floor
Kids can assemble or take apart as much or little as they like.

The big pieces make it easy for little hands to handle, while the working screwdriver satisfies their need to build and assemble. We’ve managed to lose one wheel in more than six years, but otherwise despite many screws having mini vacations, we can still put together the entire plane.

Battat Take Apart Airplane assembled
Our plane in its current state of repair.

If you don’t have a budding aviation expert, you can get similar sets from the same company in 4×4, roadster, or crane models as well.


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