Mom Shoes

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Keep Your Hands Free for the Important Things

Slip on shoes lined up on floor from SeaVees Hush Puppies and Merrell
  • What: Easy to put on shoes
  • When: Before birth until they can walk
  • Why: Get out the door quicker, make life simpler
  • Where: Amazon

Ever wondered what happens when you can’t lean over to put on your shoes? How do you get shoes on your feet with both hands busy with an infant? Buy some shoes that slip on, for those first few months and beyond.

Merrell Women’s encore Kassie Buckle Slide Clog on Amazon

Don’t worry about how they look. You won’t be able to see your feet for a while anyway, and everyone else will be too distracted by the adorable baby strapped to your chest to notice your footwear. And moms pushing strollers have built in camouflage for shoes.

Keen Women’s Sienna Mary Jane Canvas Shoe on Amazon

I personally favor Merrell’s slide on clogs, like the Kassie. I got my first pair of Merrell’s long before I had kids of my own. I never knew they would come in so handy. I also love Keen shoes for the extra support. Carrying twenty or more extra pounds day in and out can really wreak havoc on your feet. After foot surgery, I know, and I prefer to save other moms the same grief.

Merrrell Women's Encore Kassie Buckle Slide Clog shoe in brown on wooden floor
I wear my Merrell shoes nearly every day.

You can still get a spunky color, like red or purple, to show some style and add pizzazz to that spit up disguising patterned nursing shirt. But make sure you can get them onto and off your feet with ease just in case you end up with your hands full.

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