Junie B. Jones Books

Jump Into Reading with Junie B.Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus chapter books for kids by Barbara Park

  • What: Junie B. Jones chapter books
  • When: Five to nine years old
  • Why: Short chapters, funny
  • Where: Amazon

If you want a lighthearted read that both kids and grown up can enjoy, check out Junie B. Jones and all of her antics. With 28 of books in the series, young readers and listeners alike can identify with the pitfalls of attending school for the first time, and the challenges that come with expanding one’s horizons and new social settings.

As seen through the eyes of Junie B, who delights with her child like approach to all things, these books each cover a big event in Junie B.’s world, from making new friends to graduating a grade. Each book has ten chapters with large font for beginning readers, though adults may enjoy reading to kids as well. The chapters feature frequent illustrations to hold young readers’ attentions as they switch from picture books to books heavier on text.

Chapter 6 of the first Junie B Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus book by Barbara Park

Junie B. books have big text and frequent illustrations.

Catch up with Junie B. and all her antics for the young chapter book reader.

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