Mother’s Day Photos

red rhododendron bush in flower outside window

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Easy Idea for Mother’s Day

red rhododendron bush in flower outside window
  • What: Mother’s Day traditions
  • When: Birth and beyond
  • Why: Create timeless keepsakes
  • Where: Your home

I have three kids, and don’t need even more stuff than they generate. So when Mother’s Day rolls around, I don’t want a load of handmade crafts (though I do love them, I can never throw them away, and I worry constantly about keeping them safe for eternity). I have no desire to clean up the kitchen or, god forbid, my bedroom, after my kids “help” make me breakfast in bed. And flowers last less time than the mess my kids can make in five minutes.

Baby wearing all blue in front of blooming red rhododendron bush for Mother's Day photos
Back when this photos was taken, I only had one infant. But we used the same red rhododendron backdrop.

Instead, after I spent my first mother’s day laying patio stones (I do love our patio but I can think of many better ways to spend Mother’s Day), I ask for photos. I love having a record of how my kids grow each year, and I can guarantee I get in the photos myself.

Red rhododendron bush flowering beside house and sidewalk
Our rhododendron cooperates by blooming beautifully every year around the right day.

We have one rhododendron bush that flowers each year around Mother’s Day. Rain or shine, we head out to the yard for our traditional photos with mom. I have my husband take one of all the kids together, each kid individually, and ones with me with all the kids and with each kid separately. I love going back and looking at the photos, and the digital copies take up no space. It takes only a few minutes to complete, and even if everyone forgets about Mother’s Day completely, we can still make it happen. Plus, we always have a good time.

Mom with three kids looking down in front of red rhododendron bush for Mother's Day photos
One of the many outtakes from our fun Mother’s Day photo shoot.

If you want less stuff and more meaning in your life, try a similar photo tradition in your family.

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