Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

Kid art project tree with pink heart blossoms my love for you keeps growing and growing

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Kid art project tree with pink heart blossoms my love for you keeps growing and growing
  • What: Mother’s Day Craft Ideas
  • When: Birth and beyond
  • Why: Affordable, easy, beloved
  • Where: Your home

I know I said I don’t want gifts for Mother’s Day. That doesn’t mean my kids’ schools feel the same way, though. If you need some last minute craft ideas perfect for Mother’s Day, and easy enough for kids, try one of these simple solutions.

Flower Button Bouquet in plastic cup made with utensils and straws
You probably have everything you need for this sweet project lying around the house.

Button and Paper Flower: Every house has spare buttons laying around. Grab one or more, some paper, and a straw or plastic utensil to create these beauties. These flowers will last year round, unlike a fresh bouquet. If you need a vase, simply fill any container (kids can decorate those, too!) with beans or rice and add the stems and voila!

Button necklace made by child strung on ribbon
Simple ribbon and a few buttons can create a masterpiece, and even young children can help tie knots.

Bead or Button Necklace: Some simple ribbon or string and more buttons, beads, or anything else you can add will make a great necklace for mom. You can string, tie, or otherwise attach meaningful items, such as buttons from outgrown clothes or craft supplies from a favorite project.

Bead necklace made by child in colored plastic beads on ribbon
If you have more supplies, your child can make something like this necklace.

Hand Tree: Gather paint, paper, and decorations to create a beautiful piece of artwork for mom. Have your child paint their bare inner arm, palm, and fingers with the color of their choice (or whatever you have handy). Then press their entire arm onto the surface of the paper. Once the paint dries, you can add bits of tissue paper shaped liked hearts for flowers, or cotton balls for white blossoms, or even tiny scraps of any type of colored paper for the finishing touches. You can cut or tear bits to add, or let your kids do that part, too. For the best effect, have kids spread their fingers as wide as possible, But don’t worry. No matter how it turns out, moms everywhere will adore the thought and final product.

Hand tree made by child's arm and hand
Even though most people don’t recognize this art as a tree, I know. And I love it. Messed up hearts can simply be wadded up and added.

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