Mother’s Day Book

Child's scribbles inside lined moleskin journal

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Capture Your Kids Thoughts and Abilities

Child's scribbles inside lined moleskin journal
  • What: Mother’s Day Journal
  • When: Birth and beyond
  • Why: Create a keepsake, mark kids’ progress and growth
  • Where: Your home

If you’ve read much of my stuff, you know I’m not into acquiring lots of stuff or many material things. I do, however, adore my children. We don’t go the traditional route for Mother’s Day in our family, but we do have our simple traditions that I love more than any flowers, meal, or other gift.

Yellow moleskin journal for kids to write in on Mother's Day
I have a simple journal where my kids write each year for Mother’s Day.

After spending my first Mother’s Day doing menial labor while my infant napped, I put some more thought into what I wanted the day to look like. Somewhere I read about keeping a mother’s book. I had my husband purchase a nice journal, and letting my kids record whatever they’d like has been easy from then on out.

Child's drawing and coloring inside moleskin journal
My son, at age one, dictated what he wanted his dad to draw, then colored it in himself.

No one has to worry about shopping or spending money, especially times three. If my kids make or get me cards or other special paper items, I can stick them in my journal. But most importantly, I have each child write or record their thoughts or art on the pages. For infants, we traced their hands. Once kids could hold a marker or crayon, they colored their own page. We also transcribed any thoughts they had. Little kids say the sweetest things! We write their name and date on each entry. Now that they can write their own messages, I love it even more. I can look back over their handiwork any time and it brings me such joy and happiness. Plus, they can continue adding to the book well past childhood.

Child's drawing of mama and baby orange pigs
One of my kids drew this sweet mom and baby pair for me on Mother’s Day. We cut them out and added them to my journal.

If you don’t want a lot of gifts that take up space, but do want the meaningful thoughts, try a Mother’s Day (or any day of the year that’s special to your family!) journal.

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