Childproof Necklaces

Orla Kiely diaper changing bag with multicolor infinity scarf tied to handle hanging on door

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Safe But Stylish

Orla Kiely diaper changing bag with multicolor infinity scarf tied to handle hanging on door

  • What: Childproof Neckwear
  • When: Birth to three years
  • Why: Child safe, affordable, double duty
  • Where: Amazon

Got a young child but still want to look put together? Longing to wear your best necklaces again, without fear that your kid will break them? Check out these two options for parent friendly adornment for all seasons.

Pink printed scarf tied to handle of printed purse hanging on door
Even now that we’ve passed the diaper bag stage, I still like to have a scarf handy.

You can’t beat a scarf for durability and versatility. A simple scarf can elevate a plain t-shirt to a statement outfit. As a bonus, it can also be rearranged multiple times and ways to hide any spit up stains or other unfortunate baby byproducts. Scarves double as nursing covers in a pinch, and work wonders as extra sun protection for both mom and babies. They also make great blankets, burp cloths, or bibs. I like to have a lightweight scarf tied around the handle of my bag, just in case, even when I don’t wear one around my neck. And I never travel with young children without one.

Chewbeads Perry Teething Necklace

Perry Necklace from Chewbeads

If you can’t live without a necklace proper, look no further than Chewbeads for stylish statement pieces. These necklaces offer silicone materials safe for kids to chew on. And unlike regular necklaces, the breakaway clasp insures that the necklace comes off before it can break into tiny little choking hazards. If you want more options, the same company offers bracelets as well. You can find other child safe brands on the market, too, but I have only worn Chewbeads myself.

Chewbeads necklace in coral color
I loved not worrying about breaking my Chewbeads necklace almost as much as my kids loved chewing on it.

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