Yogurt Cold Packs

Keep Kid Lunches ColdFrozen GoGurt Yoplait kids yogurt tubes

  • What: Frozen yogurt tubes
  • When: Packing kids’ lunches
  • Why: Keep food cold, give kids a treat
  • Where: Your home

With the weather getting warmed, my kids enjoy cold treats tucked inside their lunch boxes. While I can easily add ice to water bottles, and I can use cold packs to keep lunches cool, I hate having to add the extra bulk.

Now I’ve learned to buy yogurt in tubes. When the weather warms up, we can switch from our beloved yogurt smoothies to these yogurt squeezers. If you toss the box into the freezer, the yogurt doubles as cold pack for any other food in lunches. As an added bonus, your kids get a cold treat to finish off the meal. It doesn’t matter if the yogurt defrosts or not. It will come out of the plastic tube as a solid or a liquid, and either way, they love it.

GoGurt Yoplait kid yogurt tube with Elsa packaging tucked into lunch box as cold pack

I add a frozen tube of yogurt with my kids’ lunches instead of using a cold pack.

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