And Baby Makes Three Book

And Baby Makes Three book cover by Dr. John and Julie Gottman on Amazon

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Bringing Baby Home

And Baby Makes Three book cover by Dr. John and Julie Gottman on Amazon

  • What: And Baby Makes Three book
  • When: Before birth
  • Why: Be prepared
  • Where: Amazon

I haven’t picked up this book in so long, I can barely remember the contents. I do remember how accurately it explained and predicted everything. And Baby Makes Three by Dr. John and Julie Gottman explores the impact on adding a very important third person to your relationship with your significant other.

And Baby Makes Three book on Amazon

You can find oodles of preparation for giving birth, having a baby, and raising children. But few books offer expert advice on sustaining your marriage and partnership through this huge life transition. And Baby Makes Three addresses issues common to parents everywhere, from how loss of sleep affects your attitude to how to soothe yourself. It covers topics such as the important of accepting input and how to discuss problems without placing blame. If you think raising children comes conflict free, you haven’t had your baby yet. This book helps navigate the inevitable disagreements that stem from caring for another person around the clock.

Here where we live, you can also take classes called Bringing Baby Home based on the contents of the book. I tried to sign up multiple times before and after my firstborn made his appearance, but the waitlist and scheduling meant we never got to enroll.

Whether you get the full classroom experience or just skim the book, this expert advice from two of the top relationship gurus can make a huge difference in your parenting partnership. It doesn’t matter if you grab a copy before or after the big day, as long as you get one.

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