Little White Duck Book

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Duck DoingsLittle White Duck board book with song notes

  • What: Little White Duck book
  • When: Six months to three years
  • Why: Fun, affordable, entertaining
  • Where: Amazon

Have you sung the Little White Duck song to your kid lately? Want even more duck fun? Check out the board book version of this popular kids’ song.

Little White Duck board book on Amazon

If you don’t know the song, you can still enjoy the book. And if you know the song, but can’t carry a tune any child would recognize or all your songs sound the same, the book works just as well without the musical interpretation. Each verse includes repeating words that appeal to kids, with or without the tune.

Little black bug page from the Little White Duck board book song adaptation
A peek inside our Little White Duck book.

My daughter fell in love with this book, and that meant I could sing the song to make her happy anywhere we went. Since this quick read includes the musical notes for parents who can read such things, the book works great before nap time or bedtime to get reluctant kids quickly through their routine and tucked in with the song repeating in their head (and maybe yours, too).

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