Dustpan Set for Kids

Watch the Dust DisappearSchylling Little Helper green dust pan with purple and yellow brush for kids

  • What: Kid Dustpan Set
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Because using my kid’s stuff is easier
  • Where: Amazon

I recently took a few photos of my kids’ shoe bin. Turns out I made a few mistakes. Luckily, I had an easily accessible dust pan set on hand to help me clean up, courtesy of my kids’ toys.

I have used this set to clean up so many times I couldn’t even guess a number. We’ve owned the set for years, and while the broom has taken a beating, the dustpan and brush still get the job done. I use it so often that I now get frustrated when my kids don’t put it back in their kitchen so I can find it when I need it. It can tackle almost any dry mess from spilled birdseed to clean up after craft projects to small animal bedding my kids spill everywhere when they take care of their pets.

Schylling Little Helper dust pan and broom set with dirt and debris in green dustpan next to purple and yellow hand brush

If you’re smart, unlike me, then a) you won’t empty your kids’ shoe bin indoors, and you won’t have a this mess, b) you will have your own brush and dustpan set that’s easier to access than your broom so you don’t have to hunt for your kids’ supplies, c) you would keep your Dustbuster charged or d) you wouldn’t be doing any sweeping up after bedtime, when using the Dustbuster or vacuum makes the dog go crazy and wake up the hopefully sleeping kids. Hopefully, you can answer all of the above, but if you can’t, grab this tiny dustpan and make short work of the mess.

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