Infant Toy Arch

Tiny Love Stroller infant toy arch yellow crinkly sunshine

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Tiny Love Stroller infant toy arch yellow crinkly sunshine

  • What: Tiny Love Stroller Arch
  • When: Two to twelve months
  • Why: Durable, versatile, flexible
  • Where: Amazon

Want a toy that will grow with your baby? Maybe you need a novel new shower gift for the parents-to-be. Look no further than this handy toy arch by Tiny Love.

Tiny Love Stroller Arch on Amazon

This arch can attach to almost anything, thanks to the clamps on either side which tighten with a simple twist and rotate to fit any angle. The pinching action keeps the arch securely attached, but can be easily removed or added with one hand (while the other juggles an angry baby). You can put this arch on a car seat or directly on a stroller for walks through the park, on a bouncy chair for stimulation at home, over the changing area on a dresser, on a pack and play while traveling, or just about anywhere else you can find two attachment points.

Clamp on Tiny Love stroller toy arch for infants
The easy to use clamp attaches firmly to just about anything thanks to a swivel mount.

Even better, the arch itself connects with various joints, so you can adjust the positioning of the toys once you attach it. You can keep it close for little ones just discovering the world, or position it a bit further for kids learning to grasp and reach for toys. Once they master touching the crinkly fabric or spinning the ball, the handle offers another level of entertainment. Kids can grab the pull ring to make the flower spin around like a pinwheel. You can remove the smaller toys that dangle from the main arch, or interchange them with other toys like teething rings using some handy links. The arch easily moves to keep your child in reach, and keep toys in their grasp.

Tiny Love toy arch babies spinning flower pinwheel pull
Babies can pull the ring to make the flower wheel spin.

No matter where you choose to use it, you will get lots of mileage out of this versatile toy arch.

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