Tall Toy Storage Organizer

Antsy Pants Storage Unit Organizder

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Tame the Tall Toys

Antsy Pants Storage Unit Organizder
  • What: Tall toy storage bin
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Keep bigger toys corralled
  • Where: Antsy Pants or Target

If you know me, you know I love a good bin, especially as a solution for storing just about anything related to kids, from shoes to toys and beyond. I firmly believe there’s a bin for everything. And then I met this new toy organizer.


Antsy Pants Storage Unit Organizder
Antsy Pants Storage Organizer

I caved and got a clearance toy building set (think forts and tents and other structures) for my kids. It came with a variety of poles and connectors. Since I didn’t want it assembled all the time, I needed a place to put all the pieces. But the poles far exceeded the bin capacity of most of my storage. Lo and behold, the same company, Antsy Pants, makes a storage organizer.

Antsy Pants tall storage organizer with divided sections and outer mesh pockets
Look at all the stuff my kids put away in this one container!

I fell in love with the idea of this organizer. I made it the number one thing on my birthday wishlist this year. Lucky for me, my kids, and everyone else who has to live or visit this house, I got one! Great news – the organizer’s divided sections and outside mesh pockets with drawstrings work wonders on lots of different types of toys and belongings that didn’t really have another home. Bad news – I still have a big assembled contraption in my kitchen, because my kids filled the entire organizer in less than five minutes with so much other stuff.

Looking down into Antsy Pants tall divided sectioned toy storage organizer
The tall sections keep toys sorted and upright.

Our toy storage bin currently houses my kids’ stash of weapons, including wooden and foam swords, plastic Nerf guns, and bows and arrows. It also holds Paddy the Duck, balloons on sticks, a paper airplane launcher, a baseball bat or two, lacrosse sticks, and light up wands like light sabers. And that’s just the stuff I can see peeking out. I know they’ve got more that doesn’t extend beyond the edge where I can see it.

Antsy Pants mesh pocket side of tall toy organizer storage
This organizer includes mesh pockets on all four sides for even more storage options.

I parked our tall bin right by the door so they can put their things away as soon as they walk into the house, much like their shoes. So far, I love the contained mess, almost as much as I love not picking my way through a maze of hazards laying every which way on the floor by the door when we want to leave or come home. I love it so much I’m tempted to buy a second one to store the actual fort components I originally intended to put there.

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