Freezer Food

Inside family freezer meals and other frozen items

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Making Mealtime EasierInside family freezer meals and other frozen items

  • What: Freeze Food
  • When: Mealtime for busy families
  • Why: Simplify mealtimes, make life easier
  • Where: Your home

Looking to feed everyone in the family without the last minute grocery store run? Stock up on food in the freezer.

When our first child came along, we upgraded to a full size freezer. Boy, am I ever glad now that we have three extra mouths to feed. While I run around town fetching kids and dropping them off instead of being home before dinner, I can grab something from our stash and get a (somewhat) healthy dinner option on the table in a matter of minutes.

Frozen food fruits and veggies on top shelf of freezer
I prefer to keep frozen fruits and veggies on one shelf of our upright freezer.

I particularly swear by giant bags of frozen fruits and vegetables. They turn almost any instant dinner (hot dogs or sandwiches anyone?) into a more balanced meal. I also like having pasta on hand, because those ravioli can cook in a matter of minutes. But even if you buy in bulk for the discount and keep basics like meat, veggies, and bread frozen for those nights where you didn’t make it to the grocery store and don’t want the cost of eating out, you can create a meal in minutes.

Shelf of family freezer food frozen pizza orange chicken
I keep another shelf stocked with meals I know my family will eat, like pizza and orange chicken.

I organize my freezer by type of item, with fruits and veggies on one shelf, main meals all in one box or bag like frozen pizzas and orange chicken on another shelf, meats on their own shelf, and desserts on the door. Then I can easily grab from each section and throw together a meal or a snack in moments.

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